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 Pending World Record Archery Goat. Measured 11 3/8 with 6 1/8 bases. Official measuring in April 2006.




We specialize in Mountain Goat Hunting

  • Mountain Goat Hunting: B.C.'s north coast bordering Alaska is noted for having the highest population of mountain goat in north America. Our exclusive guiding area is located in the heart of mountain goat heaven. Towering peaks, mountains, ice fields provide some of the best habitat for these magnificent animals. Our area boasts the best trophy mountain goats available with over 40 alpine lakes to choose from. Record 10" billy's are the norm, not the exception. A rotation of our harvest area virtually ensures record class mountain goats on all hunts. The high mountain goat population in our area allows for an extended season. Goats may be hunted right up until the end of February.

  • Grizzly Bear Hunting: Coastal British Columbia offers the biggest grizzly bears available. Tidal grass flats, mountain berry patches and spawning salmon in the fall are why these bears have evolved to such massive size. Our guide territory has the largest grizzly bear population in all of British Columbia, giving us the biggest grizzly quota in the province. With a total of 60 years combined
    experience our grizzly guides have guided both rifle & bow hunters successfully since 1985.
  • Black Bear Hunting: Our area has a very good reputation for producing large black bears. Black bears in excess of 7 half feet have been harvested annually. The reason for such big black bears is simple! A combination of a long growing season, the abundance of berries and a high protein diet of salmon which the black bears enjoy in the fall. We also have an area that produces Island bears. See Jim Zumbo"s article "Surf side bruins" below.
  • Fishing: Salmon & steelhead fishing at its best! We have many exclusive rivers & streams to choose from. World class fishing for silver king, pink, chum and Sockeye salmon are available. Rainbow trout, cutthroat, dolly vardan and steelhead are plentiful in most rivers and lakes. This area currently holds the world record steelhead and king salmon. Let our knowledge of the area guide you to some beautiful rivers teeming with fish!



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